I bid you welcome…

“I never drink…wine.” Thanks for checking out my blog! Here’s a little of what you’ll find here: posts about books, movies, reviews, Autumn, Halloween, conventions, travel, Godzilla, adventures in cooking (I’m pretty terrible at it!), witchcraft, my friends, family, dogs, anything to do with horror and sci-fi, and whatever else pops into my head at […]

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Readers Imbibing Peril 14

It’s that time again friends! Time for all beachy, sunny, summer things to turn into pumpkin spice, sweaters, spooky stories and autumn things! Autumn happens to be my favorite time of the year. At 41 years old, I’m definitely not the sun worshiper I used to be! I remember being a pre-teen and teenager, spraying […]

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This was my TBR (to be read) stack for last weekend’s read-a-thon. It did not get read. I woke up Saturday feeling like garbage. Massive headache, sick stomach, and my back was hurting worse than usual. I spent most of the day in bed, sitting up with a cold, wet washcloth on my forehead, watching […]